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Now that cloud computing is a norm for the business world, it’s advantageous to work with IT consultants in Los Angeles on cloud security. The cloud has become particularly popular for remote work. Misconfigured cloud systems, however, provide easy access for hackers, so you need IT experts who understand cybersecurity.

Different Cloud Systems and Security Threats

One of the major benefits of working with IT consultants in Los Angeles is they can explain the advantages and disadvantages of the three main types of cloud systems: private, public, and hybrid. A private cloud is a closed intranet typically at the business workplace, whereas public cloud service examples include Gmail, Facebook, and typically any other site where you sign into an account to access cloud-based tools.

Your IT team can further demystify various cloud services, such as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). Perhaps the topic they can demystify the most is cybersecurity. No one solution such as antivirus software provides adequate defense to block hackers. In fact, even complex cybersecurity can be penetrated by seasoned cybercriminals. Both public and private clouds are targeted by hackers looking to steal valuable information.

Most traditional cybersecurity tools provide limited functions in a cloud environment, according to 82 percent in the 2020 Cloud Security Report by Check Point. The same report found the top cloud security threats were:

  • Cloud misconfigurations
  • Access without authorization
  • Security issues with interfaces and APIs
  • Privileged account hijacking

In a cloud environment, both the data center and the customer have a shared responsibility of cybersecurity. A wide variety of cloud-based cybersecurity firms provide services such as threat intelligence and managed response. Some businesses need 24/7 network monitoring conducted by automation software and humans to ensure maximum preparedness for response to cyberthreats.

Cloud Security Benefits

One of the key benefits to platforms such as IaaS is that cybersecurity is built into the native infrastructure. Cloud security systems provide clear visibility of your cloud environment, in terms of configurations, applications running, and connected devices. These centralized systems detect weaknesses and vulnerabilities in multiple clouds to help fight cyber threats.

Another major benefit of cloud security services is they help organizations cut costs on overhead. Automation software can handle various redundant tasks that are too tedious and time-consuming for your employees. One of the most important cloud security strategy components is cloud monitoring, which can protect databases, websites, and other digital assets.


By including IT consultants in Los Angeles among your providers, you can maximize cloud security for your private or public cloud networks. Contact us at Advanced Networks to learn more about protecting your data in the cloud.

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