How IT Consulting in Los Angeles Can Connect Your Products to Customers

How IT Consulting in Los Angeles Can Connect Your Products to Customers

IT consulting Los AngelesIn a time where smartphones and QR codes are everywhere, keeping your customers connected is more important than ever. While the big label companies often have entire divisions devoted to connecting to their customers, small businesses in big cities often struggle to match big label companies in their connectivity. IT consulting in Los Angeles can change that, however, by helping you connect your business to the ever-changing Internet of Things (IoT) in ways that will connect you to your customers and even increase operating efficiency.

Changing the Customer Experience

The IoT is the connectivity between everyday objects with one another and it dramatically improves how consumers shop. For example, new connectivity for inventory supplies allows small business owners to get real-time data about the status of their products. This can be used to get ahead of manufacturing hold-ups like back orders or to give customers a better idea of when they can expect to receive their product in order to improve customer service and efficiency.

Sensors like QR codes or Bluetooth connections can also change the consumer experience up front. Sensors can be installed in store to give personalized content based on the shopper’s location or QR codes can be tailored to individual promotions so that the customer is taken directly to whatever peak their interest instead of a general selection. The customer feels like their shopping experience has improved, and as an added bonus, your small business can get real-time data about what your customers are interested in. Whether it is a promotion or a regular product, you will be able to see how many hits a certain item or area is getting and tailor future products to improve your customer connectivity. However, the IoT isn’t just limited to connecting consumers and tracking their data.

Improving In-House Efficiency

Imagine tracking energy expenditure by device or having thermostats and lights that optimize energy efficiency based on your businesses’ schedule. These seem like expensive or tedious additions to your business, but in reality, they have the potential to save you a significant amount of energy and they can be optimized by local IT consulting firms in Los Angeles. Even office supplies can be tracked with sensors to give you an accurate representation of where your resources are going and how much they are costing you. They can also be used to automatically reorder supplies when they get low so that you’re never waiting on supplies to keep your business running.

New technology can be daunting, but anyone can take advantage of it when they have experts to explain and set it up for them. It is possible to utilize the same connectivity technology that big label companies use by contacting IT consulting firms in Los Angeles like Advanced Networks. We offer a variety of services that help you change your customer’s shopping experience while collecting real-time data from your consumers and your office. You can utilize this data to increase efficiency and stay ahead of your competition. For more information, contact us today.

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