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Synching and sharing files while using a laptop and other devices is a reality for any remote employee. Using the cloud to upload files makes it easy to stay productive while working outside of the office. However, keeping a few IT security tips in mind is important to ensure this information remains safe. An IT services provider in Los Angeles can work with your employees to help them understand common safeguards to ensure your data always remains safe.

Here are a few tips shared by IT professionals to keep your data protected:

Use Strong Passwords

One of the first steps in protecting sensitive information is to require remote employees to use strong passwords. A password manager is a great option for handling multiple passwords. An employee will only need to remember the master code, while the password manager will automatically create secure passwords for each account.

Enable Version History

Another way to keep files safe is to turn on version history while synching files. Using this technology is especially helpful to avoid accidentally duplicating outdated files. A remote employee can go back at any time if they need to make any changes due to a mistake. Training employees on how to use this feature is a great way to make their jobs easier.

Manage Access Controls

Dealing with a data breach can devastate your reputation and make it impossible to regain the trust of customers. Turning on access control for syncing files is one way to protect your information, as it only allows a select group of employees to synch files while they are outside of the office. An IT services provider in Los Angeles can work with your team in determining the access levels for each worker.

Advanced Networks is one of the leading IT companies that offer state-of-the-art IT support services for small to mid-sized businesses in Los Angeles. Providing each client with robust security solutions is always our priority. Our team is also happy to answer any of your questions. Feel free to reach out to us to learn more about our IT services in LA.

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