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Pattern Recognition and Prophecy Calibrated Toward 2020 Security

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IT support experts in LA can exercise some level of pattern recognition in threat anticipation for the coming year. Essentially, this is the core of prophecy. Patterns are analyzed, and trends predicted. Tech “prophets” proceed from data to keep clientele, associates, or peers protected.

An IT consultant in LA will likely advise a few common security steps for the best results in 2020. These will be based on what the data indicates is likely to impact businesses. Several things you should probably begin planning against now include:

Business Email Compromise (BEC)

IT support experts in LA strongly advise developing operational protocols to repel BEC attacks. Also called “spear phishing,” such attacks are essentially when a hacker uses false email credentials to “phish” for information they can exploit.

Spear phishing is when proprietary or financial information only available among high-ranking personnel is sought. Look for emails that seem like they developed internally but may have misspellings. BEC attacks will compound in 2020 as older tactics are outmoded and hackers must try new techniques.

Data Stolen in 2019 Expressly Utilized by Hackers Throughout 2020

There were almost 4,000 data breaches exposing four billion records in the first half of 2019. The last half of the year also saw quite a few compromised data sets. That information couldn’t be fully exploited in the previous year. This year, hackers will milk as much as they can from it. Changing credentials and access data is advisable in 2020.

Multi-Phase Attacks Transitioning from Phishing to Spear Phishing

If you work with an IT consultant in LA, they will likely advise you to impose specific protections against spear-phishing and generalized phishing. The new trend is phishing tactics that secure information allowing hackers to climb the corporate ladder of your organization searching for more “juicy” targets. The attacks come in multiple “phases,” essentially. So, plan to protect against this trend.

IT support experts in LA at Advanced Networks can help inform you pertaining to BEC attacks, hacking which proceeds from data stolen in 2019, and multi-phase phishing attacks. Contact us for more information and to help you determine which protection tactics will best serve your business.

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