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Focusing on data security is one of the key aspects of keeping your business safe against hackers. Working with IT support experts in LA is a great way to stay proactive against these cyber threats. These IT professionals will educate your team on how to recognize cyber scams while also discussing best practices for data security.

Here are a few more tips on how IT consultants in LA can keep your data safe.

Keep Software Updated

Cybersecurity incidents often happen due to vulnerabilities in outdated software. The best way to avoid this problem is to turn on automatic software updates. An IT service provider will also ensure that all your devices remain up to date to help limit the chance of a data breach.

Use Multifactor Authentication

Passwords can often be hacked through the use of software programs. One way to provide an extra layer of protection is to enable multi-factor authentication. Using this additional step makes it much more difficult for hackers. They are unable to verify their identity if they don’t have access to an employee’s smartphone or email address.

Limit Access

Not all employees should have the same level of access to data. Limiting access is a great way to reduce the chance of a cybersecurity incident. IT support providers in LA will work with your company in creating access controls for each employee while keeping settings up to date. This further boosts data security.

Create an Incident Response Plan

Sometimes, a cybersecurity incident will happen even with all the additional precautions. The best way to prepare for this problem is to create incident response plans. These plans will help prepare your employees on how to respond to a cyber attack while limiting the chance of a data breach.

Advanced Networks offers IT support services in LA for small to mid-size businesses. Keeping your data safe is our top priority. We also provide around-the-clock tech support. Give Advanced Networks a call to learn more about using our IT services!

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