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What is “Cryptomining” or “Cryptojacking”?

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IT support experts in LA have to constantly shift the protection measures they take to keep their customers secure. Technology is in continuous transition. There’s no “static” option that will always work. For example, consider cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is an example of cryptocurrency. Essentially, using blockchain technology, Bitcoin and similar cryptocurrencies act as digital money.

One way to make cryptocurrency is through the completion of varying tasks online. Basically, cryptojacking or cryptomining is when someone uses a computer to accomplish varying mathematical tasks which represent a certain quotient of a given cryptocurrency. For example, one “Bitcoin” is worth several thousand dollars.

So, mining Bitcoin would involve completing several thousand dollars’ worth of mathematical tasks using a computer. Such tasks take up bandwidth and use electricity. They use substantial amounts of either, clog up networks, and cost you money. Because it’s expensive to mine Bitcoin, hackers will use other computers, smartphones, and internet-enabled devices to do the job for them.

Detecting Cryptojacking

The right IT consultant in Los Angeles can help you determine if your network has been “hijacked” by cybercriminals looking to use your hardware to mine cryptocurrency. Anomalous activity and heavier-than-normal loads on the network which have nothing to do with regular operations are key indicators some sort of crypto-jacking has occurred.

IT support professionals in LA can digitally “quarantine” individual devices that have been “jacked”. The right technology solution can chase down the cryptojacker and kick them off the network. Ideally, you should never have to deal with such digital hijacking in the first place, and there are things tech companies can do to help reduce these instances, such as:

  • Firewall and Antivirus Patching That’s Automated
  • Continuous Monitoring and Support
  • Remote Management Solutions

Securing Your Network Against Crypto-Jacking

At Advanced Networks, our IT support specialists in LA can help you understand Bitcoin, Bitcoin mining, crypto-jacking, what it looks like, how to prevent it, and how to keep appraised of varying threats of this kind as they develop. Contact us to learn more.

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