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A data breach can happen to your company due to a variety of reasons, but an LA IT support provider can play a vital role in keeping your information well-protected. Staying proactive is essential in keeping your data safe, and understanding the most common causes of data breaches is a great way to stay proactive.

Here are five ways an IT provider can help you prevent data breaches:

1. Strengthens Password Security

The use of weak passwords is an all too common issue for companies. An easy to guess password endangers all of your data and can destroy the reputation of your business. However, an IT service provider can ensure that all of your employees use complex passwords. A password manager is also helpful in keeping multiple accounts secure.

2. Keeps Software Up to Date

Another common problem is not keeping software up to date. These patches play a key role in fixing potential vulnerabilities that can lead to downtime or a data breach. Enabling automatic updates is critical in making sure that all of your software receives the latest patches as soon as possible.

3. Educates Employees

Many times a data breach happens due to an employee mistake. An LA IT support provider can educate your employees on how to keep data safe. These training classes can educate employees on the latest cyber attacks and the best practices in keeping data secure at all times.

4. Monitors Your Network Around-The-Clock

Keeping your network well-protected is critical in limiting the chance of a data breach. Around-the-clock monitoring services can play a vital role in helping your business stay proactive against cyber threats. An IT service provider will continually monitor your network, whether it is in the middle of the workday or late at night.

5. Develops a Business Continuity Plan

The loss of data may happen even if you do everything correctly. However, creating a business continuity plan will help your company quickly recover from any situation. An IT provider will develop multiple continuity plans and give your company much-needed peace of mind.

Understanding how to avoid data breaches is critical to the long-term success of your company. Advanced Networks is an LA IT support company that specializes in providing IT solutions for businesses, including cybersecurity services for preventing data breaches. Our main goal is to always offer top-quality IT support while focusing on meeting the needs of each client. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our services.

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