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It’s about time. IT department is gradually developing from a service provider to a business innovator, straightforward and smooth. Unfortunately, the reality is usually different – this development process is hard work for everyone involved. In 2021, this has been the focus of leading providers of IT services in Los Angeles.

New demands on IT

Today, users of communication solutions expect different technologies such as communication, directory and messaging systems, video and web collaboration to be integrated into a uniform platform. These products should be able to be ordered, operated, and administered over the Internet.

IT plays a decisive role in saving process costs (i.e., in the “bottom line”) and expanding sources of income (“top line”). To do this, the IT sector has to give up the role of a mere accomplisher and become an engine of innovation.

The overall picture of IT is made up of three dimensions: Operational Resilience (Ability to deliver), Business Intimacy (relationship with the business units), and Innovation Leadership (support for the further development of the business). Every improvement that is achieved in one dimension expands the scope of IT as a whole.

If an IT department wants to be a business innovator, IT services professionals in Los Angeles stress that it should first offer reliable and good IT support. Flagship projects in the IT sector that are intended to deliver added value must directly impact the top or bottom line.

The added value for the company can result from different factors:

  • Expansion of market shares
  • Cost reduction
  • Shortening the “time to market.”
  • Expansion of distribution channels
  • Expansion of the range of services and
  • Intelligent interpretation of business-relevant information

Operational resilience is the combination of excellence and flexibility in the provision of IT services. It creates trust in the efficiency of IT. It is thus a basis for the further development of IT in the direction of Business enablers or even business innovators.

The next dimension, known as the “business enabler”, assumes that IT contributes to the automation of the business model. In addition to supporting business processes with values and data flows and information about the business itself, it is about automating core processes and keeping an “Enterprise Ecosystem “that integrates partners and suppliers.

For IT to become a “Business Innovator”, it should ensure that it is directly involved in the product life cycle. For example, when defining performance features, integration solutions, or operator models, when it comes to the requirements for serviceability, or when testing communication solutions.

The internal IT services are obliged to support the leaps in innovation in the business model and product. What does it look like in detail?

  • Define goals and evaluate the situation
  • Create suitable structures
  • Promote change with concrete initiatives

The fundamental trust of decision-makers and employees in the efficiency of IT and the development of new skills in the IT area form the foundation for a successful transformation. This requires employers and employees to discuss things on an equal footing, understand the business model, add value, and make it credible.

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