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Businesses, more than ever before, need IT support in LA to resolve disruptions quickly. Since most small businesses cannot afford to hire an in-house IT staff, a viable option is to outsource to a skilled team of technicians who learn your existing technology. Ideally, you’ll save money on maintenance and repairs by planning the right IT support budget.

What an IT Budget Covers

An IT budget includes expenses for hardware, software, and a variety of services. Research by Deloitte shows that most companies spend about 3 percent of their total revenue on IT services. Banks and other financial institutions spend as much as 7 percent of their revenue on IT. Meanwhile, a typical retail business spends 2 percent, while a typical construction company spends 1.5 percent.

An easy way to plan your IT budget is to work with an IT support provider in LA that charges a flat rate for monthly services. The package covers everything involving computers, mobile devices, IoT, the cloud, and networking.

Steps to Establishing an IT Budget

When planning your budget for IT support, consider the level of business technology needed for running your business smoothly. Part of an IT team’s role is to deliver return on investment by helping your business become more efficient. Here are steps for you to take to get your IT budget in order:

  1. Track various areas of IT finances
  2. Focus on how the main goals of your business relate to IT
  3. Use an IT service as a partner, not as a dictator

Understand Why IT Is an Investment

It’s important to understand why investing in IT support will save your company money in multiple ways. First of all, your company will be well prepared to guard against a cybersecurity breach, which can cost thousands or even millions in litigation for letting confidential information get compromised. An IT support provider can also spot and block intruders on your network before they launch attacks.

One of the main roles an IT support consultant plays is to advise the client on how to run the operation more efficiently. It may involve investing in technology, such as automation. But in the long-term, it cuts costs.

So, keep in mind when you plan your IT budget why you’re paying technicians. They resolve technical issues quickly, which helps you avoid costly downtime. IT experts can answer your technical questions and help you learn your technology options.


When you plan an IT support budget for your business in LA, you get a clearer picture of what your business needs to invest in to be competitive in the market. Contact Advanced Networks for more information on how you can effectively budget for your business’ IT needs and how we can help your business with our IT services.

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