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IT support experts in LA often recommend so many separate security options that some think it is overkill. It isn’t. Here’s why: “black hat” or “cybercriminal” technology actually rivals “white hat” or “public” technology. The impact of either annually is between five and six trillion dollars, depending on a number of factors. It’s a real “yin yang” relationship.

The thing is this: cybercrime generates as much or more economic impact as traditional computing. Accordingly, if you don’t have security in place to counterbalance this, there will be impact. Following we’ll briefly explore a few distinct reasons you may want to carefully consider incorporating comprehensive security strategies:

Cybercriminals Target SMBs

IT services providers in Los Angeles warn businesses large and small against cybercrime. Because small to medium-sized businesses, or SMBs, generally can’t afford the same sort of budget as larger corporations, cybercriminals understand that they represent prime targets. Especially as pertains to ransomware, it’s a lot easier to get a smaller business to pay than a larger one. One, the smaller business isn’t often as secure. Two, larger businesses can afford to lose more.

New Technology Brings New Vulnerabilities

IT support experts in LA commonly provide consultation solutions pertaining to tech upgrade. It’s well-known that technology expands on itself in predictable intervals. At the highest levels, you can expect technology to double on itself about every year and a half. This trickles down over time. With it, hackers and cybercriminals of varying kinds learn how to use new tech for new malware.

Corporate Espionage and Government Influences

IT services providers in Los Angeles also advise varying security tactics as a means of preventing corporate espionage. Sometimes it happens at the government level. In 2017, WannaCry was developed by North Korea to exploit American activities under the NSA. The NSA made a back door through SMB ports which North Korea exploited for the ransomware worm. Automated patch updates saved many businesses, but those behind in their updates were often impacted.

Seeking Security Options

IT support experts in LA through Advanced Networks can help preserve your business from diverse threats through consultation and advice pertaining to best practices in security. Government influence, corporate espionage, new tech, and specifically targeted businesses all represent substantial tech threats in the market today and being secure is paramount. Contact us for more information.

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