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IT consulting in Los Angeles

Hotels benefit from IT consulting in Los Angeles, especially if they are trying to create seamless internet experiences for guests. These days, providing high-quality WiFi is essential for hotels, particularly for those that target business travelers. Here are ways an IT consultant can ensure your business provides excellent WiFi for your patrons.

Common WiFi Problems

With the help of IT consulting experts in Los Angeles, you can overcome common complaints from WiFi users at hotels, campuses, and other public entities. The most common complaint is a weak signal, which is often due to internet traffic congestion or an outdated legacy infrastructure. Outdoor WiFi can have various types of signal interference problems.

Since hotels partner with location-based services for expanding revenue opportunities, it’s essential for them to use the best connectivity solutions possible to connect guests with local establishments. A seasoned IT consultant has deep experience in various network solutions for businesses of all sizes. Your business WiFi needs to be configured for your specific location and operations to facilitate a user-friendly ecosystem.

Solutions to WiFi Problems

IT consultants can determine how to fix your connection issues after performing a wireless network assessment. From there, they can design a completely new infrastructure or a supplemental wireless network. Then to ensure quality performance and security, your IT team will monitor your network. They will receive automated alerts when suspicious activity occurs on your network.

One of the simplest solutions to upgrading WiFi if you have the budget is to just design a new network with all new hardware and software. The more an organization, such as a hotel, depends on the internet as part of its offerings, the greater the need for a robust wireless network infrastructure. Many bottlenecks are due to old equipment, which can be vulnerable to security flaws.

Companies that use WAN or SD-WAN for business networking usually have seamless internet connections. An IT consultant needs to first evaluate your existing technology, then determine your specific technical deficiencies and the solutions for overcoming them. Some of the factors that affect your networking environment include types of doors, windows, and materials used in your physical structure.

WiFi signals can be optimized by expanding bandwidth or using bandwidth more efficiently. Maximizing existing cabling is another key to improving WiFi performance.


Hotels that provide superior internet service can get positive online reviews that help secure future business. Working with IT consulting professionals in Los Angeles is the key to ensuring seamless WiFi connectivity for hotel guests. Contact us at Advanced Networks to learn more about how we can help you develop a high-quality WiFi experience for your customers.

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