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Many companies struggle to run smoothly during times of crisis. An unreliable network can torpedo all business potential down the blue hole. The time to send files is longer, cloud applications load slowly, calls are dropped, and productivity is lost waiting for tasks to complete. 

While upgrades are essential in the long run, IT support experts in LA can help you improve performance with many low-cost tips, tricks, and solutions.

Secure Passwords

The road to a dependable network starts with network security. A good number of connectivity issues arise from security concerns. If someone can steal your password and connect to your Wi-Fi network, of course, you too will be slowed down because there will be more devices connected.

Reposition the Router 

You can’t expect good speed if your router is in the basement and your office is on the third floor. Wi-Fi has limits, and distance to devices is one of them. It is very important to have your router strategically positioned to serve all your computers, printers, smartphones, etc. Don’t leave it in a corner, or walls will shield it, and you will lose efficiency.

Install a Repeater

If you cannot move (or do not see improvements with the advice in step 2), the solution may be to install a repeater. This device, properly configured concerning your connection, can act as a “distance extender ” and allow the Wi-Fi to reach farther and serve the computer in the most remote corner.

Update Software

Wi-Fi routers also have software, and they must be updated to the latest versions. Like antivirus and every other area of corporate IT, in reality, it is essential to keep up with the times, even if only because the updates allow the manufacturer to eliminate any bugs or problems that have emerged over time.

Keep Your Infrastructure in Good Health 

The Wi-Fi connection will be lackluster if you have old and obsolete computers and business devices. Connectivity is a 360-degree business matter. IT support experts in LA can help to evaluate the health of your computers and servers.

Manage Your Wi-Fi Connection Better

If you are making a complete backup of all your company’s files, it won’t be easy to have high performance in other tasks such as sending mail, downloading documents, software use, etc.

Organize and optimize your network. You can automate backup after your collaborators and employees have returned home and leave them free to work during the day. Or you can consider having two lines simultaneously: one for ordinary office life operations and the other for backups/downloads of updates.

Need more ways to improve network performance? Your business performance relies on your network connectivity, availability, and integrity. At Advanced Network, we have helped many businesses optimize their network performance. Contact us now for the best IT support services in LA.

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