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Improving Patient Care with IT Support in LA

IT support LAIT support solutions in LA have always had a hand-in-glove relationship with medicine. As technology advances, what medicine can do does the same. As medicine advances, people chase down new avenues of tech in order to solve new problems which previously had no visible fixes on the horizon.

In a word, the relationship between medicine and technology has always been symbiotic. Following are some specific advantages which are often seen in conjunction with medical applications of modern IT:

Expanded Uptime

An IT support provider in LA will help maintain a medical institution at the edge of technological development. Additionally, an IT provider can help secure data in terms of backup and data recovery (BDR). Basically, you definitely want to back things up internally, externally, and on multiple diverse media. At regular intervals, you’ll want to perform tests to ensure that backup protocols work as intended.

Proactive monitoring and support through the right managed service provider (MSP) will help ensure no breaches compromise operations. Altogether, these things work in concert to increase uptime and reduce downtime. Accordingly, it’s possible lives will be saved even as resources are conserved. Hospitals are expensive, and healthcare, in general, has never been cheap.

Estimates for enterprise downtime today are about $140k an hour. If the right tech solution can increase uptime by one hour annually, it will likely pay for itself. Altogether, these things give you better ability to care for patients as you’ve got secure data which is securely managed and perpetually available.

Ensuring IoT is Usable and Properly Supported

The Internet of Things (IoT) increases technological surface area while at the same time increasing the utility of available tech. A tablet can be used to immediately call up patient records, ensuring no allergens are used.

Additionally, patients can be monitored at all times and addressed directly should something compromise either recovery or homeostasis. The right MSP is necessary in navigating today’s primarily unknown IoT waters.


Shared liability is a concept which essentially means that the MSP providing support for your healthcare institution will be fined should it be discovered that some aspect of operations is out of legal compliance. HIPAA has some stiff, expensive regulations. If you’ve got shared liability, you’re more likely to avoid being undermined internally.

Streamlining Healthcare Operations

Using IT support in LA can increase compliance, support IoT while ensuring it is at its greatest effective utility, and expand uptime. Altogether, these things increase your ability to properly care for patients, even helping you potentially save lives. Contact us at Advanced Networks for more information on how your healthcare facility can benefit.

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