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Why You Should Integrate IT Security with Orange County Managed IT Services

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Contrary to what many organizations believe, IT security and Orange County managed IT services go hand in hand. Services delivered by managed services providers (MSPs) should not only be functional but also secure, especially given how cybercrimes have evolved in recent years. Also, the following reasons are compelling enough:

Bundles are Affordable

It’s more expensive to outsource services to one MSP and security to another. You can negotiate a better deal with your chosen MSP if you integrate security with the services you want into one bundle. However, make sure to pick an MSP that can deliver both. Some MSPs offer great security but average services, or vice versa.

Transitions are Seamless

It’s a logistical challenge to integrate security and Orange County managed IT services if two different MSPs are involved, particularly whenever your organization’s business needs change. But if you’re working with one MSP, the transitions between changes go faster and easier. Your data is in a centralized location, and your chosen MSP is already familiar with all the necessary aspects of your organization’s IT.

Mistakes are Fewer

In the case of two or more MSPs, they’ll do what you hired them to do, but they won’t be handling the integration for you. But with a single MSP managing your organization’s IT needs, you can expect them to do the whole job for you. It’s less headache and stress for your in-house IT team, who, in turn, can focus their attention on more crucial matters related to your core business.

Your organization shouldn’t miss out on these benefits of integrating IT services with IT security. However, when working with only one MSP, you have to be extra careful about making the right choice. There are many IT companies in Orange County, but not all can deliver both services and security. To start your list of options, check us out at Advanced Networks. We’d love to talk to you about Orange County managed IT services. Contact us to learn more.

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