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Irvine IT supportIrvine IT support providers can help you avoid being undermined by basic issues. Consider your car: you’ve got to change the oil every several thousand miles. If you don’t, the engine will seize up, and you’ll drastically diminish the lifespan of your vehicle. Sadly, some people just don’t take care of their vehicles well enough, so they don’t get the mileage they could.

Well, it’s very similar in terms of technology. There are a lot of practices which prevent businesses from fully maturing investment in areas like network sustainability owing to security breaches and poor emergency strategy. Several areas where the ball is often dropped in this regard include:

  • Ineffective backup strategy
  • Refraining from installing antivirus protocols on Apple computers
  • Not having disaster recovery protocols in place

Ineffective Backup Strategy

Irvine IT support providers recommend the 3-2-1 rule of backup— three backups on at least two separate types of media, and at least one of those backups being located off-site. An on-site server array, an off-site backup server, and cloud computing would fit this description. However, there are a number of different ways to approach it. Working with an MSP will help you find what’s best for your business.

Refraining from Installing Antivirus Protocols on Apple Computers

Apple computers are safe from many things which assail Windows computers, but they’re not immune. It’s fundamental that you install the proper antivirus protocols on any Macs throughout your company and ensure they’re properly upgraded. Again, this can best be effected through an MSP.

Not Having Disaster Recovery Protocols In Place

It’s not enough to have backups and antivirus protocols in place. You need strategies for recovery in the wake of an unexpected disaster, and you need to practice recovery drills, etc. MSPs are instrumental here.

Safeguarding Operations

Irvine IT support provider can help you design effective backup strategies, protect computers against viruses, and create recovery protocols that work. Contact us now at Advanced Networks to optimize your business’s security profile.

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