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Big Corporations are Making the Switch

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Irvine IT support has become very integral for businesses large and small as pertains to cloud computing. Making the transition from conventional IT hosted on-site through a server array is difficult and can be costly. Certainly, internal transition efforts can be successful, but they’re more likely to be expensive. If you’re going to see things change in the most cost-effective way, you’ll need guidance.

Features of Cloud Migration to Consider

There are a thousand different things you’ll want to take into account as pertains to the cloud. Some are totally unique to your business; others are going to be pretty common. Here are three areas of transition which involve key cloud computing provisions:

1. Re-Hosting

Irvine IT support can be an integral part of your network re-hosting strategy. Essentially, you’re going to have to move the data of existing virtual and/or physical servers to the cloud. This requires opting into IaaS, or Infrastructure as a Service. IaaS is a cloud provision specifically designed to surrogate traditional hosting methods.

System migration can take place swiftly, and architectural modification in such an instance will be minor. Re-hosting can be pretty straightforward, but it’s not a highly available option. Also, it requires OS patch management, and scalability is iffy. IT support is key in determining if this is right for your business and the most effective way to do it.

2. Refactoring

Refactoring involves Platform as a Service (PaaS). Basically, you’re running applications on cloud infrastructure rather than on-site or virtual infrastructural that previously defined your enterprise. Languages, containers, and frameworks that have previous investment can be re-used. Additionally, PaaS reduces costs and expands scalability. The big downside in transition here is summed up in missed capabilities. Again, maximizing the shift is best done through the right IT group.

3. Revising, Rebuilding, and Replacing

Software as a Service is going to define revising, rebuilding, and replacing many key aspects of infrastructure. SaaS in terms of available applications on your new cloud network can mean many things. Sometimes old applications won’t work on the new cloud model for varying reasons, so you’ll need to rebuild that app on PaaS infrastructure. Other times it makes more sense to just replace the old app.

Competitive Cloud-Based Enterprise Optimization

Irvine IT support through Advanced Networks can help you refactor, revise, rebuild, replace, and re-host your data infrastructure to the cloud. You don’t have to make the shift in total; sometimes you can gradually shift to the cloud, saving big jumps for times where statistically you can afford to “go dark” for a short time. Contact us for more information on cloud computing and the best way to get your enterprise operating in a competitively viable way.

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