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Getting the Most For Your Budget

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Irvine IT support providers can provide you with options for infrastructural management that have the same scope and effectiveness of enterprise-level IT solutions at a fraction of the cost. It is possible to surrogate an on-site server array at a single monthly cost without losing functionality.

Common Enterprise-Level Solutions SMBs Can Afford

Some tech options will be more effective at acting as replacements for more expensive solutions than others. It’s worthwhile to remember that technology, at the highest levels, doubles on itself every eighteen months. That, like a domino effect, transfers to less cutting edge industries over time. Still, if you’re savvy, you can get next-generation solutions today. A few ways to experience such advantages include the following options:

  • Cloud Computing Solutions
  • Working With MSP Options
  • Pursuing Decentralized Infrastructure

Cloud Computing Solutions

Irvine IT support experts are promoting the cloud, and it makes sense why. You can decentralize operations while reducing associated hardware and employee costs. If you’ve got a server array, you will need employees to manage it. Machines will need to be repaired and updated. You’ll have to buy new servers at intervals as well. Cloud computing cuts out all those costs and replaces them with a monthly expense.

Working With MSP Options

A managed service provider (MSP) can act as an outsourced turnkey solution to your tech needs. Certainly, you can allow the MSP to deal with troubleshooting, software, and hardware management; freeing up internal techs to focus on operational core prerogatives. You can also outsource your on-site tech people entirely through the right MSP, depending on the size of your operation. Many SMBs go this route successfully.

Pursuing Decentralized Infrastructure

Through cloud computing and MSP options which provide remote management, cloud control, and on-site solutions, you’re able to profitably decentralize operations. Instead of five to a hundred people working together on a corporate campus, you can downsize to a single office and let workers remotely check-in using Skype calls or emails for assignments. Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) allows you to outsource equipment and workspace. Employees work from home on their own devices. MSP management facilitates secure remote operations, keeping your data from being compromised. Altogether, you get enterprise-level productivity as an MSP for a fraction of the cost.

Enterprise-Level Solutions That Don’t Break The Budget

An Irvine IT support provider like Advanced Networks can help you determine if decentralized infrastructure through the cloud, and a managed support option, is best for your SMB. Sometimes you’ll want to go with all three of these potential solutions, sometimes just one or two of them, sometimes new tech options not discussed here. Contact us now more information on enterprise solutions your business can use which don’t cost nearly so much as traditional enterprise-level IT.

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