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Cyber threats have put businesses of all types and sizes in harm’s way. It is not enough to simply set a new and strong password every couple of months. More is necessary to stay up-to-date and fully protected against the myriad threats. A solid cyber defense starts with an analysis of your business performed by Irvine IT support experts. Managed IT services experts in Orange County will conduct an objective and detailed assessment of your current risk level. Once you understand your risk, you can take the actions necessary to shield your data and keep your operations humming along.

Determine Your Business’s Risk Profile

Consider your tolerance for risk in the context of cybersecurity. Gauge your company’s current cybersecurity weaknesses. Consider what a virus, breach or other security problem will do to your operations. If all of your servers and computers were to go offline, how much money would you lose? The response to this question is important as it shapes your cybersecurity approach. Keep in mind the most common digital security problems result from malware and viruses that cause extensive downtime. Breaches always prove costlier when nuanced regulatory standards are involved.

Developing a Security Posture

The security decisions you make will differ from those of other business owners. Each unique company has its own nuanced approach to digital protection. Once you understand where your organization is in terms of risk, it is time to select digital security tools. Consulting Irvine IT support will help you select the perfect cybersecurity tools for your idiosyncratic business. From device and data encryption to compliance with HIPAA, endpoint security, end-user training, two-factor authentication and network filtering, tech experts can point you in the right direction so your data remains safe and sound.

Are you in need of assistance with cybersecurity or IT? Advanced Networks can help you! Our Irvine IT support are ready to serve you. Our tech experts will liberate your team to work on other projects, fortify your data security and enhance your operational efficiency. Contact us now for more information.

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