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Irvine IT support You started your business on a shoestring budget. That meant you had to make hard decisions on where to spend your money. Having an enterprise email wasn’t a priority since you could get free accounts from a provider like Google. With your business growing and expanding, Irvine IT support experts ask, “Is it time to upgrade to enterprise email?”

Here’s why your company should use enterprise email:

It Ties You to Your Brand

Think about the structure of an email address. With a Google account, you are your name at “” or your company name at “” With an enterprise email, your name is directly linked to your company: your name at your company name. It offers instant brand recognition.

It Shows You Are Real

You know how easy it is to get an anonymous account through a free provider like Google. Billions of email accounts exist with the “” suffix. Who knows who is really behind any of those accounts? With a “” suffix, you have an identity to your customer.

It Protects Your Reputation

In 2013, hackers successfully breached Yahoo security and gained access to over 3 billion email accounts. What if your company’s Yahoo email was part of that breach? One breach of your email can destroy your hard-earned reputation, according to Irvine IT support experts.

It Builds Trust

Enterprise email builds instant trust with your customers. It shows you take security more seriously than with a Yahoo or Google account. It also helps you stay out of the spam folders and in the recipient’s inbox.

It Gives You Access to New Features

With an enterprise email solution, you get access to features not available through free email providers. You can see how your employees are communicating with each other and with clients. You can help your employees respond efficiently and professionally.

It Makes Growth Easier

As your company grows, your new employees will need new email addresses. With enterprise email, you don’t have to worry that “[email protected]” isn’t available. You can create a custom email account tied directly to your brand.

Those Google and Yahoo email accounts have served you well to this point. However, for your business and brand to continue growing, you need to upgrade to enterprise level email. It will show your clients that you are ready to serve them even better in the future.

For assistance with your move to enterprise email or to get more information, contact Advanced Networks today. We are the Irvine IT support experts that companies trust with all their email and cybersecurity needs.

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