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Irvine IT support has become an increasingly central component to even smaller businesses. Society is swiftly eschewing cash, and that means even street vendors may need digital options for processing payments. While this has its many conveniences, there are also some flaws to consider.

Cybercriminals Are Symbiotic to White-Hat Tech

As new technology develops, the human condition naturally predicates an equal and opposite response. Each new tech breakthrough is an opportunity for cybercriminals. Accordingly, requisite defense must be put into place for any network not just for security in the present, but for defense against future issues. Tactics to facilitate this include:

Establish Incident Response Plans, Crisis Management Points of Contact, and Containment Strategies

Irvine IT support experts strongly recommend planning for a “when” scenario rather than hoping data breach is just a matter of “if”. You need to plan out prior to the issue. Have points of contact who can effectively manage the crisis and containment strategies such as compartmentalization and digital quarantine to reduce overall impact.

Focus On the Technical: Determine Breach Causes, Fix the Issue, Conduct Root Cause Analysis

When an issue sidelines operations, jump into the technical issues first. Figure out what caused the problem. Fix it so it doesn’t happen again. This requires a root cause analysis of some variety. Working with tech professionals reduces associated complications here.

Design Defense Protocols Meant to Rebuff Hackers

Utilizing multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a great way of rebuffing hackers entering through mobile portals which develop via infrastructure options like BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). Definitely consider such options. If you’ve experienced a breach, be careful to follow breach notification laws or you’ll have litigators come after you. If media gets wind of a poorly handled breach, associated public relations fallout could cripple business permanently.

At Advanced Networks, our Irvine IT support team can help you establish the right incident response plans, more effectively establish crisis management points of contact, and design containment strategies. Additionally, we can provide direct tech expertise for root cause determination and analysis, as well as resolution. Lastly, we can help your business design comprehensive defense protocols to counter hackers, and keep both attorneys and the media off your back. Contact us now for more information on security and how best to safeguard your business.

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