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What Is SSO?

SSO stands for “Single Sign-On,” and refers to the way in which employees gain access to productive digital “dashboards”. IT support professionals in LA can explore your business, tell you where you’d be able to benefit from SSO, and assist you in its effective implementation.

Why Use SSO?

IT services providers in LA offering SSO provide businesses with streamlined, unilateral technology support in terms of security while optimizing sign-on, saving everybody time and money. If 20 employees spend 5 minutes a day signing on, when they could spend just 1 minute, that’s 500 minutes a week, 2000 minutes a month, and 24,000 minutes a year; just in sign-on.

At $20 an hour, you’re looking at $8,000 in wasted productive time. SSO saves money. You can cut $6,400 a year if you save employees four minutes in signing on daily; at least as outlined in this example. Additional advantages include:

Greater Control and Visibility of Employee Activity on Web-Based Apps

An IT support provider in LA that provides SSO solutions can help your business ensure employees only have access to web and operational apps that they should have.

The Ability to Monitor Employee Activity Closely and Accurately

Beyond control and visibility of employee movement, you’ve got monitoring capability which can assist you in facilitating greater productivity going forward.

Ejecting Employees from Access During Liquidation Immediately

IT services specialists in LA can help you maintain security with employees who are liquidated. As soon as they go, with SSO, you rescind access, and so apps containing proprietary information are protected.

Establishing SSO for Your Business

Our IT support team in LA can help secure your business through SSO. Effective SSO enables greater control, visibility, monitoring, and access restriction capability. Altogether, these things help protect sensitive information from being improperly used across the surface area of your business. To learn more, contact us at Advanced Networks.

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