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The Internet of Things (IoT)

IT consultants Los AngelesIT consultants in Los Angeles are effectively capitalizing on IoT solutions. That said, the Internet of Things is a vast network of technology which can be put to use in many ways, not all of them profitable to operations.

If you’re unfamiliar, IoT is basically anything to which an IP address can be added. So, a pacemaker can be controlled via a smartphone app, making it an IoT device. As you may have guessed, smartphones can be hacked, meaning this may put something like a pacemaker at risk for cybercriminal exploitation. Accordingly, security is of paramount importance as regards IoT. This is really, though, the only “catch” associated with this tech; and as IoT becomes an increasingly viable component of today’s technological environment, it becomes less of a concern. Indeed, in 2017, IoT devices began to outnumber people, and by 2020, it is estimated that there will be nearly 3 IoT devices for every person on the planet today.

A spread like that predicates security implementation as near “ironclad” as is possible. Much of this security involves data backup and data mirroring solutions, though innovations come at increasingly regular intervals, to properly match the exponential expansion of IoT.

Healthcare, Big Data, and Smart Manufacturing

Many businesses benefit from this technology. In terms of healthcare, IoT can help expedite servicing of patients, immediately notifying medical personnel when attention is necessary, and providing constant monitoring options. IT consultants in Los Angeles can help varying clinics determine the best applications of this tech.

In terms of industry, IoT potentiality is even further reaching and more effective. Several key areas of optimization characterize modern industry, including Big Data and smart manufacturing. Big Data combines cloud computing and IoT to provide a comprehensive data “net” or “web” that is visible in real time, and from which operational determinations can be made. For example, if there’s a supply chain in operation, IoT through the cloud can help managerial staff plot a course across tough terrain, avoid traffic incidents, avoid poor weather, optimize routes, and reduce overall costs involved in the supply chain.

In terms of manufacturing, IoT devices can be put on conveyors, machinery, and even that which is produced for greatest optimization throughout the process. Different solutions will be recommendable in different areas of industry, but across the board, IoT solutions have exceptional potential.

The IoT Upgrade

IT consultants in Los Angeles can help you acquire effective IoT solutions that will increase efficiency and decrease operating costs for your business. Contact us now at Advanced Networks to see what IoT is best for you.

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