IT Consultants in Los Angeles Can Help You Utilize Virtual IT Services

IT Consultants in Los Angeles Can Help You Utilize Virtual IT Services

IT consultants Los AngelesIt can be difficult to nail down an exact definition of virtual IT. IT consultants in Los Angeles generally define it through three separate virtualization families:

  • Virtualization of Networks
  • Virtualization of Storage Solutions
  • Virtualization of Servers

Virtualization of Networks

Your network has a set level of bandwidth. As operations expand, you want to increase it; but one way to expedite its use is to divvy up that bandwidth toward specific needs. You have a set amount of bandwidth for department A and another for department B. You can manage your network better this way and apportion increased bandwidth from less trafficked operational areas when necessary. Basically, it’s economizing your bandwidth for greater utility.

Virtualization of Storage Solutions

IT consultants in Los Angeles often recommend storage virtualization due to its usefulness and convenience. With storage virtualization, all data is essentially gathered together into a single place, access is expedited, recovery of files isn’t so difficult, and backup is simplified.

Virtualization of Servers

This is server partitioning. You can actually do this on a desktop computer. Basically, you select setup features, which facilitate drive partitioning. From there, you load operating systems on each partitioned drive. You can have multiple operating systems on the same desktop or laptop this way.

Well, with servers, you can do the same thing–even down to the diverse operating systems but with servers. You can divvy one server up into multiple virtual servers, which may provide tech solutions for different operational departments within your business.

Benefits of Virtualization Solutions

Notable benefits of technology virtualization include:

  • More Reliable Business Continuity
  • Expanded Security
  • Reduced Onsite Equipment like Servers
  • Better Disaster Recovery
  • Better Communications

When you’ve got things divided up in a compartmental way via virtualization, if issues arrive in one “compartment”, you can isolate it from the rest and keep problematic threats from compromising your company. This assists your operation in terms of continuity and helps you more effectively secure your network. Also, it’s very likely that you can do what you need to on one server rather than multiple ones. If you’ve got three servers but you’re only using a third of the space available on each, you might as well cut costs down by two-thirds and consolidate to a single one.

When everything is together and virtualized, it expedites and simplifies disaster recovery. Also, it makes it easier for you to store the entirety of your data offsite or in the cloud. If everything is individually managed in a separate capacity, this can be a nightmare.

Finally, it’s easier to communicate through virtualized solutions which consolidate operations into one area. When you’ve got to justify communication protocols between multiple aspects of a network running multiple operating systems, this can get complicated. If you’re either consolidating via virtualization or virtualizing in the cloud, such communications issues evaporate.

Applying Virtualization Solutions

Remaining competitive is easier done if you can streamline your business. At Advanced Networks, our IT consultants in Los Angeles can help you determine which virtualization solutions are most appropriate to your business. We offer a number of technology services in terms of virtualization, consultation, and security. Contact us now to help optimize your business using available solutions that bring you value through operational cost reduction.

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