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IT consultants in Los Angeles realized early on that remote work is becoming the new normal. While it started off to protect employees, employers see the advantages it offers and are now looking at keeping remote work or hybrid working models.

With no commute to work, employees can get started, even if they’re not completely put together. They can also change the work schedule more easily to create a better work/home balance.

Many employers notice better productivity, but they also experience challenges. The top one here is when employees can’t access important data they need to do their job. A close second is the security surrounding the information people must use while working at home.

Thanks to the cloud, there are affordable solutions, and companies can allow employees to work from home with less fear.

Various Collaboration Tools

The cloud is home to many online tools, so you can easily talk to the rest of the team and get updates as needed. Many of them also store their data on the cloud, so you can save information without having to put the files on each workstation.

In fact, many cloud-based applications stopped using on-premise servers to house everything. Now, it’s all centralized and directly on the cloud. Users have instant access to their files!

Security as the Top Dog

IT consultants in Los Angeles often focus more on security than anything else. Even a small breach can be detrimental to your business, and it becomes more challenging if customer and business data gets stolen. When you hire a consultant, they check to see if you’re using the cloud because there are fewer issues with it.

Typically, cloud-based systems have specific procedures and policies in place to protect your data. Each employee may have to go through two- or multi-factor authentication before they can sign in, which means fewer hacking risks.

However, you may want to hire an IT professional to set up a cloud security strategy. This way, each department has the same security levels throughout.

Cloud usage requires trust; if you don’t trust the employees not to share information, the best security in the world can’t help. Therefore, make them accountable and responsible by only giving them access to what they need for the task.


It’s important to choose the right IT consultants in Los Angeles to ensure that the cloud is set up correctly for your needs. Advanced Networks offers various services in the LA area, and we can keep your system secure and safe for everyone to use. Contact us now to get started.

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