Why IT Consultants in Los Angeles Recommend Desktop Virtualization

Why IT Consultants in Los Angeles Recommend Desktop Virtualization

IT consultants Los AngelesFor IT consultants in Los Angeles, desktop virtualization is the simplest solution for a company looking for cost savings, increased productivity for their workforce, the ultimate in flexibility and enhanced security. Whether you have budget restrictions or feel you aren’t keeping up with rapidly changing technology, moving part or all of your systems to the cloud can help rationalize your infrastructure and help you keep up with the changing face of IT.

What is Desktop Virtualization?

It is simply the separation of the environment an employee uses to access your system from the device that they use it on. All the information is kept remotely on a separate server, which allows your employees to access all that they need to perform their jobs from wherever they are in the world. IT consultants in Los Angeles recommend this because it has many benefits for both the business as a whole and the employees.

Advantages of Desktop Virtualization

  • Cost savings – With all the processing power of a desktop now on a remote server, there is a reduction in the work required to keep the desktops maintained, including patches and updates for applications, backups of data, and virus scanning to make sure they are secure. As well as this cost saving, there are also no complicated and time-consuming setups required for new members of staff.
  • Increased productivity – As your staff can now work anywhere, at any time that is convenient for them and on any device they wish, their productivity will naturally increase. Whether your employees are on business in a client’s office or on their normal commute, they can access your systems remotely in order to carry out their business simply.
  • Enhanced security – As well as the fact that all updates and security programs can be kept centrally ensuring your system is as well-protected against cybercrime as it can be, all sensitive data is kept there, too. This means that when your employees are logging on to your systems on their own or company devices, there is no danger to your infrastructure if the device is lost or stolen. Data integrity remains because updates are centralized and the data itself is not held on any one machine preventing access by hackers and thieves alike.

If you would like to streamline your processes, reduce your IT costs, and make flexible working simpler and more secure for your employees, you need to get in touch with IT consultants in Los Angeles. Contact us at Advanced Networks. We can advise you on the most cost-effective way to upgrade your systems to allow your company to benefit from increased productivity and happier employees.

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