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IT consultants Los AngelesDid you know that instances of data breach have been on the rise past? By now, it’s sure that you have heard of the sad tales of companies that suffered data leaks and breaches and the avalanche of after-effects that followed. As companies strive to secure their networks to guard against these breaches, it is important for you to join in this endeavor. A partnership with one of the leading IT consultants in Los Angeles will afford you the peace of mind which will, in turn, assure you of smooth flow in business.

What is Data Breach and Why Should You Guard Against It?

Simply put, data breach can be defined as an intention or unintentional release of confidential or private data to an environment that is not secure. Today, data is treated as a critical resource, and as thus, it is imperative that this crucial resource is protected at all cost. As seen from the definition, data breach can be intentional, meaning data breach can be an “inside job”, or unintentional, meaning that some malicious hacker can get their hands on your data. Regardless, you need to guard against all forms of data breach because the longevity or success of your business depends on it.

Top 3 Data Breaches of the 21st Century

In a bid to show you just how severe and indiscriminate data breaches have become, IT consultants in Los Angeles have compiled this list of some of the data breaches that have occurred in the 21st Century:

  • Yahoo – Over 3 billion user accounts were affected in what the company believes was an attack from a “state-sponsored actor”. Some of the details that were stolen include real names, dates of birth, email addresses, and telephone numbers of the affected users.
  • Adult Friend Finder – More than 412 million accounts were affected. The affected accounts were those belonging to the FriendFinder Network and had clients’ details spread in subscription websites, such as,, among others.
  • eBay – In 2014, the giant online auction firm reported that it had suffered a cyber attack where it had lost personal and confidential information of over 145 million accounts. The attackers got access to the databases using credentials of three employees working at eBay.

Interested in ensuring that your firm does not join the list of affected firms? If your answer is yes, then we can help. At Advanced Networks, we are one of the leading IT consultants in Los Angeles that specializes in helping companies guard against data breaches. Contact us now for more information.

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