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Why IT Consultants in Los Angeles Still Value Rebooting

IT consultants Los AngelesRebooting your computer is still a reliable remedy that IT consultants in Los Angeles suggest for initial problem-solving. If the reboot doesn’t fix a slowdown or other type of disruption, it could be a sign of a more serious issue. Here are reasons why rebooting is still used by professional technicians as the first line of defense for diagnosing and fixing computer glitches:

Clearing Excess Data

When random-access memory (RAM) gets over-flooded with random or temporary data, IT consultants in Los Angeles will unplug the computer, which flushes RAM to eliminate clutter. This action clears the memory so that the computer can run faster. Rebooting the system gives the operating system a chance to clear short-term tasks and run more smoothly.

How to Minimize Memory Leaks and Frozen Screens

Memory leaks occur when software applications borrow memory from RAM. It’s possible for programs to fail at returning memory following usage, causing a memory leak that slows down processes. Restarting the machine on a regular basis, however, typically prevents this nuance from interfering with productivity. In other words, keeping the computer on all the time not only wastes energy, but makes memory less reliable.

Even more annoying in a business atmosphere is when frozen screens cause work activity to come to a grinding halt. A frozen screen is an indicator of an overloaded server and is a common problem for those who rarely shut down their computer. Once again, rebooting is the key to resetting the system’s processor so that it functions properly again.

Saving Time

No business can afford to slow down just because of preventable glitches. A lot of time can get wasted by jumping ahead and assuming the machine must be taken apart and analyzed. It’s much more time-efficient to shut the computer down and power it up again than it is to start meddling with hardware or software configurations.

By restarting the computer you’ll be able to tell right away how serious the problem is. If it starts up and the problem goes away, chances are it’s no big deal, whereas if the problem persists or new problems develop, it may be necessary to explore these issues more deeply. The goal of a business is to get work done beyond the technical issues, not to get sidetracked by technology.


Rebooting your computer is sometimes overlooked by users, even though it’s known to fix many problems. Hiring IT consultants in Los Angeles who can assist further with fixing technical issues quickly will help accelerate your business. Contact us here at Advanced Networks to learn deeper knowledge about resolving technical problems, so that you can get back to work.

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