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IT consulting experts in Los Angeles often direct businesses which must conduct regular video conferences to consider the “huddle” approach. The more “moving parts” something has, the more complicated it is, and the more skill is necessary to use that thing. Big videoconferencing arrays have a lot of “moving parts”, as it were, and much productive time is lost chasing bugs.

A Better Option

IT support professionals in LA advise “huddle” rooms for videoconferencing, as these typically provide less-complicated solutions where one-on-one conferences can be done with ease. Following, we’ll explore a few distinct advantages and strategies involving the “huddle” room approach:

Re-Purposing Space from Previously On-Site Employees for Remote Communications

IT consulting experts in Los Angeles advise businesses to maximize re-purposing strategies. For example, if you had 20 on-site employees, you might convert a segment of the vacated space into huddle rooms. Now, those remote employees can communicate with management as easy as sending a text message and having a direct little conference.

Quick, Effective, Communicative Options Better Than Laptops

IT experts advise the use of huddle rooms involve specific videoconferencing options rather than laptops and microphones. This reduces complication in getting proper signals or images, essentially turning such services into “turnkey” solutions.

An Increase in Tech ROI

You’ll get more return on investment (ROI) through huddle rooms. For one, many businesses don’t unilaterally issue laptops, so conferencing that way can cause compatibility issues for BYOD workers and on-site personnel. Secondly, big conferences are so complex; it takes more time to set up interface than actually discuss points. The happy medium is huddle rooms, where everything’s set up in an assigned or re-purposed space.

Tech Options to Maximize Remote Infrastructure

At Advanced Networks, our IT consulting team in Los Angeles can help you see ROI, more effectively communicate, and increase tangibility of remote personnel with the use of huddle rooms. Contact us for more information.

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