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An IT consulting firm in Los Angeles can help provide IT security to ensure everything goes as planned. Nowadays, employees come and go. While the vast majority of employees who are leaving will not harm your company, it is never a bad idea to have security measures in place to prevent a disgruntled former employee from causing havoc in your organization. Each employee has various levels of access to confidential files, so it is important to ensure that they no longer have access to these documents once they begin the process of leaving your company. An IT provider can help keep these files secure and prevent a disgruntled employee from causing massive damage to your organization. Here is how to protect your company from former employees who may cause harm to your business:

Always Change Passwords

Anytime an employee gets fired or puts in their two weeks notice, it is a good idea to review all the accounts that they have access and change each password. These accounts can include a wide variety of areas, whether it is email, social media, security clearances or private databases. It is imperative that all of these accounts receive new passwords. An IT provider can help you identify the specific areas that the employee could access. On the other hand, failure to change one of these passwords can allow an employee to erase vital information that may be impossible to recover.

Remove Internal & External Network Permissions

Another critical IT security measure that is provided by an IT consulting firm in Los Angeles is that they can help you remove network permissions for former employees. Preventing access to the network will ensure that everything continues to work correctly and eliminates the risk of a disgruntled employee trying to sabotage the company’s system. Access to these networks should be changed immediately. With this, an IT provider can help you ensure that only current employees have access to your organization’s network.

Develop an Exit Strategy

Another important concept is to develop an exit strategy for any employees who are leaving. An IT provider can help you create a plan that ensures the safety of your company is not compromised. These plans will ensure that the employee no longer has access to confidential data and will prevent them from causing any damage. Each exiting employee will be required to turn in any company devices and provide their login credentials. An IT provider can also ensure that the exit strategy remains up-to-date and always look for improvements.

Partnering with an IT consulting firm in Los Angeles can help provide your business with the highest levels of IT security against former employees. Advanced Networks is an IT provider that focuses on keeping organizations safe from internal or external threats. Our staff members will ensure that former employees follow strict protocols that will prevent them from having access to any restricted areas. Contact us today if you any additional questions. We will be happy to set up a meeting to discuss how an IT provider can help you take advantage of technology while also keeping your company protected from former employees or outside threats.

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