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Digital transformation is dovetailing into multiple emerging technologies. Many people spend half their day on computers. Businesses increasingly need IT consulting partners in Los Angeles that embrace digital wellness, which can make a difference between good and poor health.

Meaning of Digital Wellness

The term “digital wellness” is fairly new. The main idea behind digital wellness is it focuses on using technology in a way that avoids falling into unhealthy physical or mental patterns.

One option to make the digital experience as positive and healthy as possible is to reduce screen time. Evidence suggests using social media to replace real-life conversations can trigger depression.

The pandemic separated workers and led to employees working from home on their computers. This rapidly evolving paradigm of digital communication replacing direct human communication raises questions about how to create a more enlightening work-life balance.

Connection Between Digital Activity and Wellness

Psychologist Jean Twenge, author of iGen, has reported that US teens who spend 5 or more hours per day on digital devices are 71 percent more likely to contemplate suicide. Meanwhile, talking on smartphones late at night leads to lack of sleep and poor performance at school.

Furthermore, sitting in the same position for hours can contribute to physical health problems due to lack of exercise. Some of these ailments include obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure. But with IT consulting in Los Angeles about digital wellness, you can create a more cheerful atmosphere.

A recent Aetna survey of over 1,000 employees in the US, UK, UAE and Singapore found that 67 percent say checking their phones increases stress. The key to digital wellness involves mixing digital work with other activities that allow for exercise. A majority of employees believe they can improve physical and mental health if their employer provides a smartphone and a fitness tracker.


Making digital wellness a top priority can transform today’s workplace into a more comfortable, upbeat, and healthier environment. Consult with our IT consulting team in Los Angeles today to learn more about how you can make use of technology with digital wellness in mind. We at Advanced Networks can offer special IT services for you and your staff in Los Angeles which can help improve work productivity, making your staff happy with their jobs.

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