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IT consulting firms in Los Angeles offer many solutions to businesses of all sizes when it comes to data backup. BDR, or Backup and Disaster Recovery, has best practices associated with it. This is both simple and complex at the same time.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

While the concept of effective backup is straightforward, it’s easy to make mistakes. Following, we’ll explore a few common problems businesses have with backup, and how you can get around them:

Forgetting to Test Backup Solutions

IT consulting experts in Los Angeles recommend whatever backup solutions you ultimately decide on, you incorporate regular tests of those backup solutions. Every couple of months, you should run a drill of some kind that puts your backup options through their paces. Do this with all your backups, not just your primary one. 

Storing Everything in One Place

Be sure you don’t keep all your backups in one place. There’s a rule of three you want to look into. Basically, keep at least three total backups. One is located off-site. Two are located on-site, but on separate mediums. This way, if one is infected, you’ve got the other. If both are lost, you’ve got the exterior backup solution. Redundancies in backup are absolutely fundamental, and many businesses don’t facilitate such redundancy under the false precept that the cost is a waste.

Here’s the thing: technology is in continual advancement, and as “white hat” or “public” technology options abound, so also do “illegal” or “black hat” tech operations. In terms of losing all your data, or having your data stolen, or having your network breached, the question is never “if”, the question is always “when”. Breach will happen.

Through internal error or external underhanded tactics, your information will be compromised. Provided you’ve got comprehensive backup options you’ve tested regularly, you’ll be fine; it’ll just be a minor inconvenience. However, if you don’t have measures in place, it could be the end of your business. 

Neglecting Failover Strategy

Last but not least, determine some sort of failover strategy. For public portals clients use, database mirroring through the cloud can keep it so a network crash is invisible to exterior parties. Internally, you want to have similar options in place as feasible; consultation can be key in helping you find your balance. 

Being Confident in Your Backup Solutions

An IT consulting firm in Los Angeles like Advanced Networks can help you design effective failover options, stratify storage with cost-effective and relevant redundancies, and effectively test varying backup solutions. Contact us now for more information

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