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IT consulting in Los AngelesBusiness email compromise (BEC) attacks continue to grow more complex, but IT consulting in Los Angeles can play a crucial role in keeping your company safe. The primary goal of these cyber-attacks is to gain access to sensitive data or receive financial payments by hacking into an email account and impersonating an employee or high-ranking executive. These cybercriminals target unsuspecting employees by using a variety of phishing techniques. Understanding these common tactics is essential in keeping your business protected from these malicious scams.

Here are three ways a managed service provider can help you avoid becoming the next victim of a BEC attack:

#1 Cybersecurity Training

Investing in ongoing cybersecurity training is one of the most effective ways of staying protected from a wide range of BEC attacks. An IT service provider can educate each employee on these ever-evolving schemes that target businesses of all sizes. Quickly recognizing suspicious emails and fake invoices are just a few of the benefits of cybersecurity training for employees.

#2 Always Double-Check Unusual Requests

Another way IT consulting in Los Angeles can protect your company from BEC attacks is by training each employee to always double-check unusual requests. These malicious cyber schemes focus on taking advantage of the natural human tendency of being helpful and responding to urgent requests. However, an employee should always contact the sender to verify any unusual questions as an added safety precaution. Taking the extra time to verify an email is well worth the effort and can save your company thousands of dollars.

#3 Review IT Security Policies

Each business needs to have IT security policies due to the wide variety of cyber-attacks in the workplace. An IT service provider can help your company develop IT security protocols that are simple and easy to follow for employees. These policies will detail how to handle a variety of scenarios to avoid downtime and ensure that you do not fall victim to a cyber scam. A managed service provider will also periodically update these policies to ensure that your business is always well prepared against BEC attacks and other cyber threats in the workplace.

Advanced Networks is one of the leading companies offering IT consulting in Los Angeles for small to medium-sized businesses. We understand the importance of providing state-of-the-art cybersecurity protection while also educating employees on these ever-evolving attacks. Our team of professionals will monitor your network at all times and is available at all times to answer any IT security questions. Contact us today to learn more about cybersecurity.

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