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The Final Windows OS?

IT consulting in Los Angeles can help you decide on whether to upgrade the OS of the Windows devices your company uses or not.  Sometimes, this must be done with all haste. In other scenarios, there’s no real need to jump on the latest operating system. It was said that Windows 10 would be their last OS, but that was five years ago. Now Windows 11 entered the scene. Should you upgrade?

Items to Consider Concerning Windows 11

First, understand that Windows 11 will not launch until early 2022. That’s only about five weeks away, so it’s time to start thinking about it. Still, you will have a few bugs in the initial release. You might want to wait a few months before buying. Also, think about the following:

  • Windows 10 EOL is Only 4 Years Away
  • Better Integration and Cloud Support
  • Snap Layouts and Expedited Operations

Windows 10 EOL is Only 4 Years Away

The year 2025 may seem far away. The question is: how long will the transition take? Where are you at financially? Will you be able to afford the financial hit in three years? Will scale-out affect how the upgrade goes? These are the key questions to ask.

Certainly, you can still get help with Windows 10 after Microsoft quits providing customer care. If you stay up-to-date, you can avoid this circumstance. Make sure to keep that in mind.

Better Integration and Cloud Support

IT consulting in Los Angeles will help define the many features of Windows 11. It’s not identical to Windows 10. For example, there is better integration and cloud support through the new OS. Such advantages could collaterally reduce operational static, paying for the cost of upgrade after a few months.

Snap Layouts and Expedited Operations

Snap layouts are very convenient. Between them, optimized integration, and cloud support, you can expect notably expedited operations. You’ll likely have a bit of a learning curve if you go with the first generation of Windows 11. Accordingly, wait for a few versions unless IT consultants advise otherwise.

Making a Balanced, Reasoned Choice

IT consulting in Los Angeles through Advanced Networks advises considering Windows 11 based on your needs as a business. Snap layouts, expedited operations, integration improvement, cloud support, and looming EOL are arguments in favor of Windows 11.

However, all businesses are different. Contact us for more information and advice to help you make the best decision.

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