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IT consulting in Los AngelesYou need a mobile presence in the workforce for maximum competitiveness and efficiency. IT consulting firms in Los Angeles can help you establish secure mobile protocols.

There are a number of considerations that must be brought to the table here. For example, oftentimes there exist “free” Wi-Fi facilitated by cybercriminals to harvest data from unsuspecting users. This can implode your network. So, don’t access non-verified Wi-Fi.

Following are additional mobile security strategies worth taking into account as you consider the prospect of Wi-Fi not hosted by your company:

Disable File Sharing

IT consulting firms in Los Angeles advise an MDM (Mobile Device Management) strategy incorporating protocols automatically anticipating threats exterior to internal networks. One involves file sharing.

Sometimes devices have automated file-sharing protocols. When not on a known connection, such must be disabled. Working with the right IT consulting firm in Los Angeles helps you line out a balanced MDM strategy assisting you in determining which networks can and cannot be trusted.

Be Extremely Careful with Personal Info

Information that identifies individual users or businesses shouldn’t be parleyed on unknown networks, or those which are known but have yet to be confirmed in terms of security. If you must use personal information like credit card numbers to make purchases, establish an account whose loss won’t impact operations.

Learn to Be Suspicious in a Healthy Way

Paranoia may not be psychologically healthy, but such a paradigm properly adopted can really “save your bacon”. A professionally suspicious mobile employee will understand MDM protocols intrinsically, even helping add to them as necessary. Additionally, they’ll be careful to avoid situations where unknowns could undermine operations. Healthy suspicion is notable.

IT consulting in Los Angeles through Advanced Networks can help you determine which strategies are best in terms of MDM protocols governing remote operations. Disable file sharing, be cautious with personal info, and adopt healthy levels of suspicion. These three things are a great start in rounding out mobile security. Contact us for more information.

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