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IT consulting in Los AngelesReach out to IT consulting experts in Los Angeles and you will be told one thing for free: data security is necessary for the continuity of any business. The problem is that many small and medium-sized business owners think that data security is only a thing for big corporations. The truth of the matter is, data is vital to a business regardless of the size. You need to note that 60 percent of the small businesses that experience data breaches do not survive six months after an attack.

Organizations need to have a sound data backup and recovery plan to ensure continuity. Why?

Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Data Backup and Recovery Plan

You might feel safe until you get an in-depth insight on how much danger your data faces every day. Here are the risks that your data is likely to encounter:

Malware and Ransomware

Every minute that is lost in an organization due to the stagnation of operations incurs losses in an organization. Malware and ransomware have been, for a long time, become the biggest threat that businesses face when it comes to data security. The malware hides useful information, while, on the other hand, ransomware encrypts data and blocks the user from accessing it until he or she pays a specific sum to the attacker.

Data backup ensures that if it happens, the operations are not brought to a standstill by providing an alternative.

Unintentional Breaches

Well, it doesn’t always have to be a virus or an attacker looking to reap where he did not sow. Accidents do happen. An employee may accidentally delete a file or you may lose a data storage device. As much as the threat may be unplanned, the repercussions are still the same. Your business cannot do without data.

To ensure that business is on as usual when such events occur, it helps to reach out to an IT consulting partner in Los Angeles to help you come up with a data backup and recovery plan that avails data anytime you need it and even after a loss.

Infrastructural Damage

Electrical faults are not a new phenomenon. There is, however, something about them: they can bring your business back to zero. While there will be so many repairs to do and replacement of gadgets taking place, do not let data be one of the things that you lose. Cloud backup, for instance, will ensure that you still have the data you need for continuity even after a fire.

Do not be part of the 93% of businesses that file for insolvency as a result of the inability to access their data center. Reach out to IT consulting experts in Los Angeles to ensure that such risks do not bring your business to an end. Contact us at Advanced Networks for an effective data backup and recovery plan.

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