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If your customers or employees have to use more than one set of sign-on credentials accessing your services, you need to look at Single Sign-On (SSO). Even if your customers need only one login to access your services, they may still benefit from SSO. Here’s the explanation of IT consulting experts in Los Angeles about why you should use SSO:

Why Use SSO?

We can answer that question by looking at what SSO is. SSO simply allows a user with one set of security credentials (username/password pair, for example) to access multiple applications.

So you can see the beauty of this straight away— no need for multiple logins. The greater the number of applications accessed through SSO, the greater the effect. Right now, inside your own organization, you may be able to think of two, three, or maybe more systems you access, each one requiring a different username and password.

If you’re doing security right, using two-factor authentication (2FA), that means for every login, you need to enter a username and password, as well as (typically) a security token.

By implementing SSO, you can eradicate the hassle. Security, too, can benefit big-time. After all, if your employees only need to remember one username/password pair for work, there is little or no need for them to keep their credentials written down or otherwise recorded so they don’t forget. Here are more benefits of SSO:


SSO with IT consulting in Los Angeles provides one distinct benefit— convenience. Users only need to maintain a single set of security credentials. They’re easier to remember, so users spend less time making mistakes when they need to access a system.


Clearly, with only one set of security credentials to maintain, users are less likely to need to write them down. This means there is less risk of security credentials being exposed or lost. It is also easier for users to change their passwords on a regular basis, which is a fundamental part of IT security. Furthermore, for administrators, it is much easier to manage security when there is only one set of security credentials for each user.


With less risk of security issues, fewer users forgetting or losing passwords, and fewer credentials to administer, your IT admin and helpdesk costs go down. Your support resources can be put to better use handling bigger problems, thereby having a greater effect on the overall efficiency of your IT systems.


SSO systems make logging and monitoring of security activity much easier; and with simpler user administration, it is even easier to ensure that your systems and staff comply with regulatory and security policies. With just the one password to remember, your policies can enforce the use of longer, more-robust passwords.

B2B Power

One of the great powers of SSO is the ability to build B2B relationships based on the ease of systems access. With SSO, your clients and business partners can enjoy easier access to related systems, even if they’re not your own.

These are just some of the key benefits of using SSO with IT consulting in Los Angeles. To learn more about how SSO works, contact us now at Advanced Networks.

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