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IT consulting in Los AngelesOne of the major advantages of outsourcing IT consulting in Los Angeles is that it can save you from the trouble of downtime. A common problem affecting businesses is weak wireless internet connections due to heavy traffic or other factors. Here are ways that a networking expert can troubleshoot your wireless system.

Inability to Establish Internet Connection

When your internet is down, your IT consulting firm in Los Angeles must first diagnose whether just the wireless router isn’t picking up the connection, the internet isn’t getting into the building, the internet service provider (ISP) is spotty or other issues. Here are some of the steps an IT technician typically takes to determine the root of the problem:

  • Make sure the power is on for all devices
  • Confirm that the device is configured to enable wi-fi
  • Check all connectors, such as USB cables
  • Review the list of network connections to make sure the correct selection is enabled
  • In the Device Manager, see if any wireless adapters have been disabled
  • Test other wireless channels for activity
  • Check TCP/IP and DHCP settings

Your technician may need to test out your router in different locations since various obstructions can interfere with wireless signals. Using a wireless repeater, however, can boost the signal. Restarting the router is often necessary to reset the connection. It’s good practice to power down the router once in a while anyway for better performance. Resetting a router to its defaults can sometimes resolve connection problems.

Keeping Up with Upgrades

Like any modern digital device, it’s important to stay up-to-date on hardware or software upgrades since older equipment becomes vulnerable to hackers. That means that not only should network card drivers be updated periodically, so should the operating system. Sometimes, you need to completely replace the wireless router if it constantly drops signals. Remember that not all routers are equal and that cheap versions can be the cause of instability.

A quality IT consulting firm in Los Angeles can set up a backup plan in place for you while they troubleshoot connectivity issues. This strategy lets you focus more on your business than trying to fix technical problems that waste a lot of your time and money. Contact us now at Advanced Networks to learn more about how we can eliminate wireless headaches so that you can keep your business moving forward.

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