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IT Consulting in Los Angeles: 5 Tough Cybersecurity Questions

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Gone are the days when only the largest companies had to worry about cyberattacks. These days, everyone from the smallest startup to the largest international corporation has to deal with cyberattacks. Experts on IT consulting in Los Angeles bring forward five questions every company needs to answer about cybersecurity:

1. If a breach were to occur, what kind of data does your company stand to lose?

A list of data your company might have includes customer data, trade secrets, research, personal information for employees, and financial information. If any of this data was lost to hackers, how would it affect your business?

2. How would a security breach affect different parts of your business?

A security breach into your HR files would have a different effect than if the hackers reached your customer database. You need to understand the potential effects of a breach in different company departments.

3. Who do you share data with?

Companies share information with other companies on a regular basis. It may be as simple as sending an invoice to a customer or uploading bookkeeping data to the accountant. Experts on IT consulting in Los Angeles point out that you need to know who you share data with to understand potential points of hacker entry.

4. How do you share data with external entities?

Besides knowing who you share information with, you also need to know how you share that information. Do you use unencrypted email? Do you have a secure FTP site? An IT services provider in Los Angeles can help you with these and more.

5. How do you protect your company from cybersecurity risks?

It starts with knowing where you are vulnerable. The prior questions helped to identify some vulnerabilities. The next step is to put measures in place to prevent data loss and to mitigate potential effects.

Answering each of these questions helps identify what a company needs to do to mitigate cybersecurity risks. If you want to learn more about securing your company against cyberattacks, contact us at Advanced Networks today. We are the IT consulting experts in Los Angeles businesses trust with their cybersecurity.

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