IT Consulting in Los Angeles: Benefits of a Document Management System

IT Consulting in Los Angeles: Benefits of a Document Management System

Much of the attention in IT these days is given to the latest developments in subjects like mobility, cybersecurity, blockchain and cryptocurrency, and Internet of Things. There is one other big area of IT that offers huge benefits for businesses but doesn’t win so many headlines. If you don’t already have one, your business stands to enjoy great benefits from implementing a document management system from an IT consulting firm in Los Angeles.

What is a Document Management System?

“We already have a great filing system!” I hear some of you exclaim. And, yes, that is one example of a document management system. In this context, however, we’re really interested in an electronic system for tracking, managing, and storing documents, in particular, reducing the volumes of paper generated and handled by an organization. Greater ability to index, search, and retrieve relevant documents is another part of a document management system.

What Are the Benefits of a Document Management System?

Letting an IT consulting firm in Los Angeles to implement, a document management system offers a number of key benefits that include:

  • Less need for storage space – A document management system reduces your organization’s dependency on paper, reducing physical document storage requirements throughout the organization. It can also ingest paper documents so they can be destroyed securely and eliminated from storage.
  • Indexing, searching, and retrieval – You have no doubt benefited from searching your own desktop or laptop computer for a document containing certain words or phrases. A document management system makes the same kind of powerful tools available across all documents in your organization. The power of this facility can be immense.
  • Better security – Obviously, you don’t want everyone in your company to have access to all of your corporate documents. A document management system helps you to maintain this level of security. By reducing or eliminating the number of paper documents, it also prevents stray documents falling into the wrong hands or getting lost.
  • Enhanced regulatory compliance – Policies can be implemented within your document management system to enforce regulatory compliance. Not only can you guarantee the required documents, but you can make sure they exist in the first place. The system can help maintain compliance with the security requirements under HIPAA and Sarbanes Oxley, for example.
  • Improved collaboration – Today’s document management systems offer powerful collaboration tools. Electronic documents can easily be shared, distributed, modified, and tracked. Business processes and workflows can be monitored and optimized. Version control features can prevent the loss of work when documents are changed as older versions of documents can be retained if needed.
  • Superior backup and disaster recovery – A competent document management system will include backup and disaster recovery plans. The elimination of paper documents means fire, flooding, and other disasters are no longer a threat to your critical documents.

These are just a few of the benefits of establishing a document management system from an IT consulting firm in Los Angeles. There are a lot of other benefits, from peace of mind and confidence to customer happiness and corporate flexibility. Advanced Networks understands the business case for document management systems. Contact us now for more information.

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