IT Consulting in Los Angeles: Best Practices Pertaining to BYOD

IT Consulting in Los Angeles: Best Practices Pertaining to BYOD

IT consulting Los AngelesIT consulting firms in Los Angeles can help your business establish secure, successful, profitability-maximizing BYOD solutions. If you’re unfamiliar, BYOD stands for Bring Your Own Device. What this basically means is that work is done online through the cloud and employees use their own devices wherever they happen to be to complete that work. They can work at their own pace, and so you can see increased output at reduced expense. It turns out BYOD solutions do facilitate increased profitability when properly applied. That said, proper application will require a strategic approach. Several considerable factors include:

  • Reducing malware exposure risks
  • Protection of data against leakage
  • Consolidation of operational protocols for better BYOD sustainability

Reducing Malware Exposure Risks

BYOD fosters productivity, but it will also open your business to certain vulnerabilities. Specifically, you must be careful that your employees use the right networks, and are only on secure, approved internet outlets. Also, you need to have access protocols that are properly secured. There’s something called multi-factor verification which can be instrumental here. If you’re unfamiliar, a multi-factor verification system looks like this: when a BYOD employee logs onto your cloud-based DaaS (Desktop as a Service) network remotely, they have to put in their name and password. Doing so initiates an automatic protocol which sends a passcode to a secondary device that has been registered with your network. This code is entered into a secondary access box which comes after the first information has been entered.

You can actually have more than two factors involved in verification techniques. Working with a group providing IT consulting in Los Angeles can help you find both what is most appropriate for your business, and what is most cost-effective in this regard. Additionally, they can help you educate your employees pertaining to best practices when operating remotely.

Protection of Data Against Leakage

Information today is at a premium. It is itself a kind of currency. One reason cybercrime has reached the level it has is because of this shift. Consider ransomware, wherein access protocols are hijacked, Trojans are employed, or some other means is put into action which allows a virus to be uploaded that encrypts your files. If you don’t pay the fee, you lose that valuable information.

Competitively, especially regarding proprietary data, corporate espionage has become a considerable issue today. Spyware now exists, and adware, and many other malicious viruses which can steal your data. Sometimes, a Wi-Fi access point that is unsecured simply exists so that it can steal data from users looking for free access. MSPs can help your business safeguard against data being leached away from your BYOD employees.

BYOD Protocols Consolidated

As BYOD has become more mainstream, protocols are becoming established which expedite this cost-effective transition and ensure security of operations. Not working with an MSP, you may be able to launch a BYOD campaign, but you may make mistakes that could have been easily avoided. Going the professional route simply makes sense.

Making the Switch

IT consulting in Los Angeles through Advanced Networks can help you attain BYOD solutions that don’t expose your important data to underhanded technology exploiters like cybercriminals. Contact us for more information and assistance regarding BYOD.

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