How IT Consulting in Los Angeles Can Provide Cloud and Virtualization Assistance

How IT Consulting in Los Angeles Can Provide Cloud and Virtualization Assistance

IT consulting in Los AngelesWith the help of an IT consulting firm in Los Angeles, the cloud is an amazing place to run a business. Although the cloud seems like a simple solution for cutting costs, it’s important to understand the differences between the three types of internet clouds. Here’s a guide to help you decide which type of cloud technology is best for your business:

Difference Between Private and Public Clouds

The most popular type of cloud is public, which essentially means that you’re likely to share a server with others on a well-known platform. Gmail is an example of a public cloud service, which is popular because it’s free and fairly reliable. If you don’t mind the fact that cloud provider employees potentially have access to your data, it’s a useful solution for storing noncritical files.

But if you absolutely need to keep the data confidential, a more professional solution is to create your own private cloud with the help of an IT consulting firm in Los Angeles. Only staff members and others whom you grant permission will have access to your private cloud, which will exist on your premises.

Hybrid Clouds and Virtualization

There’s no reason to think of private and public clouds as opposing solutions. You can use both concepts, such as reserving the private cloud for internal matters and a public cloud for more casual use. A private cloud is more secure, as your IT team can implement various forms of authentication to keep unwanted visitors off your network. Public clouds aren’t necessarily insecure, as many are based at huge data centers with robust security.

Virtualization is an emerging technology that can be used for private or public clouds. It’s a concept based on using one physical server to house multiple software-based systems that replicate infrastructure. Not only does virtualization save office space and energy, it also provides state-of-the-art security that makes it very difficult for hackers to disrupt a network. Even if they do penetrate a segment of the network, they will be locked out of other segments that require different authentication.

With virtualization, you will not need as much hardware, meaning less maintenance and upgrades. Virtualized servers are excellent for backup, especially when IT needs to troubleshoot issues.

Whether you decide on a public, private or hybrid cloud for your business, it helps to partner with a reputable IT consulting firm in Los Angeles. You’ll have access to quick solutions for technical issues and be able to draw from a diverse talent pool for guidance on exploring new technology. Contact us now at Advanced Networks to learn how we can lift your business to the cloud.

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