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What Is an IMEI?

IT consulting professionals in Los Angeles strongly advise businesses to keep a careful record of IMEI numbers associated with the smartphones they use. IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identification. It’s a specific number that’s often necessary to activate SIM cards in smartphones. This number is 15 digits long, and it is unique to a given device. Having this number available is a substantial help in managing lost or stolen devices that may have key business information.

Methods of Identification

IT support experts in Los Angeles advise a few different tactics to determine IMEI numbers for varying equipment; some devices make this process easier than others. Here are primary methods:

Find the IMEI Number on a Given SIM-Card

An IT consulting expert in Los Angeles can help walk you through finding SIM-cards on smartphones that have them. Not all devices include SIM-cards, and which ones do may depend on the telecommunications company, or even the device in question.

AT&T and T-Mobile devices tend to have SIM-cards. Verizon devices don’t always do; it will depend on the phone. Sometimes you can simply find the card beneath the battery of a device. Other times the only way to access it is by poking an unraveled paperclip or other push-pin in a little hole to pop it out. 

Check for the Number in “Settings”

If you go into the “Settings” app and tap “about phone”, you should see varying pieces of information, including the IMEI number for your specific device. This should work on any device with touchscreen software on a subscription network.

Dial #06# To Get Device Information

You can also go to the “call” app on your phone used to make telephone calls, and type in #06#. The device’s IMEI number and other information relevant to that specific device should pop up.

More Efficiently Managing Your Devices

IT consulting experts in Los Angeles through strongly advises having the identification information of each device readily available. You can generally fined IMEI information on SIM-cards, in the “settings” area of your phone, or by dialing #06#. For more information on software, hardware, and management best practices regarding modern technology, contact us at Advanced Networks.

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