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IT consulting professionals in Los Angeles advise diverse clients pertaining to this reality: the criminal technology world generates economic impact similar–and sometimes greater–than the “legal” tech world. Accordingly, either directly or collaterally, everyone is impacted by cybercrime eventually.

Protection Measures to Cover Operations

IT services providers in Los Angeles advise a number of different protection measures for different businesses, but there are some best practices which are worth applying almost across the board; these include:

Segment Hardware, Software, and Users

IT consulting professionals in Los Angeles strongly advise that you implement hardware segmentation. This should extend to software and users. Hardware and software should only be available to those personnel who really need to use it.

Users shouldn’t be able to access that on which they have no legitimate business. This will reduce operational static, misfiled information, and vulnerabilities hackers look for as a vector to exploit you.

Assure Access Controls Internally Are Well-Managed

Segmentation requires access control management protocols to be put into place. These have to be properly managed, because if they’re not, then you’ll have personnel twiddling their thumbs for hours while your tech team resets their access protocols.

Externally and internally, you need solid access protocols. Before an attack, access protocols can discourage cybercriminals. After an attack, you can identify where they got in and “beef up” security.

Logging and Monitoring Should Have Network Priority

One of the most efficient post-attack options MSPs advise is logging and monitoring infrastructure that matches your business.

Monitoring can identify attackers through anomalous activity before they impact your network and help you get to them quicker when they’re in the midst of causing trouble. After the fact, you can see what went wrong, why, and how best to avoid such problems in the future.

Well-Rounded Security

Advanced Networks can help you establish logging, monitoring, access controls, and segmentation methods which protect your operation prior to an attack when it’s taking place, and after the fact. for more info, contact our IT consulting team in Los Angeles.

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