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One way to gain a competitive edge these days is to partner with IT consulting professionals in Los Angeles. More than ever before, businesses need serious data protection due to the steady rise in cybercrime. A virtual private network (VPN) is a strong solution for shielding your identity from hackers.

How VPN Makes Online Activity Safer

A VPN allows you to browse online securely through encryption. Without such protection, you are exposing your data to hackers, particularly when connecting with old HTTP websites. By masking your IP address and other identifiers, you build a robust security layer around your connection with digital assets and online resources. VPNs make the life of the hackers difficult.

Today, many companies rely on online apps to easily connect with the internet. A VPN server creates a barrier between your app and online resources as encryption occurs between the VPN server and the browser. Not only do large corporations benefit from this concept, so do smaller businesses and consumers. It ultimately shuts out unwanted visitors and reduces the chance of confidential information getting leaked. An experienced and knowledgeable IT consulting team in Los Angeles can help you establish a secure network.

Common VPN Applications

  • BYOD workplace policy, allowing workers to bring their own devices
  • Firms that facilitate remote freelancers
  • Communication between your network and employees who physically visit clients
  • Any infrastructure that needs more robust security layers

Why Businesses Are Turning to VPN

The VPN concept is becoming increasingly attractive to companies that rely on online interactivity. Not only does a VPN tighten data security and privacy, but it’s also an affordable solution for even small businesses. You can set up a VPN through a low-cost cloud service subscription or license to support up to 10 devices. The best rates are for multiyear plans.

One of the key protective features of a VPN is the kill switch, which instantly prevents online data exchange when the VPN connection drops. Another important feature is peer-to-peer (P2P) server connectivity, allowing each connected device to operate as both a client and server at the same time. DNS leak protection is another useful security feature, which routes all DNS requests through the VPN instead of the ISP’s DNS server. By setting up multiple server locations, you’ll increase browser speed.


Working with an established IT consulting firm in Los Angeles and setting up a VPN can elevate your business to greater security. Contact us now to learn more about making your business network more secure so that you can concentrate on your core business objectives.

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