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IT Consulting Experts in Los Angeles Provide Key Information About DNS Protection

DNS Defined

IT consulting in Los Angeles

IT consulting in Los Angeles can prove essential in helping varying businesses most effectively manage their Domain Name System, or DNS. Essentially, what the DNS does is convert domains people can read (something like into an IP address–here’s a hypothetical one:

The DNS keeps you from having to memorize some crazy number; you can just remember the URL. Essentially, it acts as a sort of translational middle-man between normal web-users and software. Effective DNS management is also requisite for comprehensive operational security.

What to Expect In Terms Of DNS Protection

The right DNS server provider is going to produce a minimum threshold of DNS protections that’s defined by a few key features. At bare minimum, expect DNS security solutions to include the following:

  • Filtering of content
  • Digital barricades against malware
  • Protection against botnets of unique and IoT variety
  • Reliable speed of operations and advertisement filtration

Filtering of Content

Your DNS should be filtering content. For example, there are always advertisement sites out there which have no real value, except trying to force you into making a transaction. There are also a large number of websites that have a more “sensual” focus, and aren’t work appropriate. Such sites are rife with viruses. Proper DNS operation naturally filters out unwanted content without additional software needs. Accordingly, personnel don’t incidentally go where they shouldn’t online.

Digital Barricades Against Malware

IT consulting experts in Los Angeles recommend you assure your DNS solution is designed to effectively barricade your network from malware. Phishing and malware exist in many forms, some of which are well-known. When you’ve got DNS content filtering in place, the known avenues can be automatically eliminated.

Protection Against Botnets of Unique and IoT Variety

Botnets are essentially networks of digital “robots” that can be commissioned like an online army by cybercriminals for varying cybercrime campaigns. Botnets have made the transition to the Internet of Things (IoT). A proper DNS solution should automatically keep you safe from IoT-related botnets, as well as more traditionally known botnet assaults.

Reliable Speed of Operations and Advertisement Filtration

An Internet Service Provider (ISP) often isn’t as good at providing swift lookup as the right DNS can. If you get a good DNS server, you should also expect it to automatically filter out various sorts of online advertising. Altogether, you’ve got a more dependable domain name.

Informing Yourself to Secure Your DNS

At Advanced Networks, our IT consulting experts in Los Angeles can give you a lot of necessary information in choosing, managing, and maintaining secure DNS solutions. If you’re looking for more information on DNS solutions, security, or other IT issues, contact us!

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