IT Consulting in Los Angeles: The Role of Virtualization to Combat Malware

IT Consulting in Los Angeles: The Role of Virtualization to Combat Malware

IT consulting Los AngelesVirtualization really does help enhance your organization’s readiness for malware. An IT consulting firm in Los Angeles can help you with virtualization, malware prevention and all of your other tech needs. Here is a look at the merits of virtualization in terms of how it prevents malware attacks:


Sandboxing is a virtualization concept anyone can understand. Think of sandboxing as a fooling of the program or application into thinking it is operating on a normal computer. The performance is observed and analyzed to determine if an unknown application is actually concealing malware.

Almost every sandboxing technique requires the use of virtualized computers. The program to be tested will function normally as if it is opened on a regular server workstation. In reality, it is within a controlled virtual arena that prevents it from deleting files or making copies of itself outside of what is in the sandbox.

An Efficient Means of Quarantining

Virtualization is certainly challenging, yet the advantages of sandboxing justify the effort and time investment. As an example, workstations that are virtualized can be generated and eliminated by merely flipping a switch. There is no need to manage permanent resources to benefit from a sandbox. You simply turn it on when necessary. Once the resources required to run the sandbox are properly set and returned, the server’s capacity will prove accessible when necessary.

Once the malware is identified within the sandbox, eliminating it is as easy as terminating the virtual machine. This is quite the contrast to operating a physical workstation solely meant for sandboxing. It would take hours to format and re-install such a machine. It is also possible to run and change all sorts of variables in little time. Anything, from the sandbox’s operating system to minimum test times and permissions granted for quarantined applications, can be modified.

Containers’ Role in Virtualization

Rather than form a full network of virtual workstations to operate potentially shady applications, containers serve as virtual spaces with ample hardware and software resources to operate exactly what the container is designed for. It was not long ago when sandboxes were provided in the exact same size. In most cases, sandboxes were much larger than their eventual contents. Thankfully, things have changed for the better as time has progressed. Containers now empower users to design the shape and size of the sandbox according to highly nuanced specifications.

Virtualization is not a DIY Project

If you are tempted to perform virtualization on your own as a do it yourself (DIY) endeavor, you will run into some serious hurdles. You need the assistance of trained experts to properly implement quarantined virtual areas. Reach out to an IT consulting group in Los Angeles to help you every step of the way.

Do not underestimate the threat of malware and network downtime. Advanced Networks is an IT consulting firm in Los Angeles that can help you with virtualization. We also provide network design, data backup and disaster recovery, network integration, cloud services, and more. Contact us today to schedule a no-cost initial consultation.

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