IT Consulting in Los Angeles: Signs Your Organization Needs a New Phone System

IT Consulting in Los Angeles: Signs Your Organization Needs a New Phone System

When a business first starts, every single phone call is a big deal. As time progresses and the business grows, the thought of the phone ringing again makes some employees cringe. In fact, taking every single call might not be a productive means of making money. After all, it is not worth any employee’s time to burn upwards of 20 minutes on the phone with a client who might have a minor issue. The solution might be a new phone system. Here are some of the signs identified by an IT consulting crew in Los Angeles that your organization needs a new phone system:

Calls are Missed and Leads Disappear

It is incredibly frustrating to miss phone calls from top-notch clients. In some instances, these big fish won’t even leave a voicemail message. If you are missing out on high-quality leads due to an inferior phone system, it is time to make a change.

Modern day business phone systems are equipped with features that prevent falls from slipping through the cracks and eluding your grasp. As an example, the “Find Me/Follow Me” features allow a business owner or manager to set the phone system to dial a personal cell phone or home number until the call is answered. If it is not picked up, the call can continue to cycle through employee numbers until someone answers.

You Have Too Many Conference Calls

Add dedicated teleconferencing to your system, and you won’t have much money left in your budget for other upgrades. Opt for a VoIP phone system that supports conference calls, teleconferencing and other features in a seamless manner so you don’t have to purchase different types of hardware and software.

A Lack of Integration

If you would like to accomplish more from afar when on the road or working at home, it is time to upgrade your phone system. VoIP phone systems provide mobile forwarding for those who do not report to the brick-and-mortar office on a regular basis. This also serves as a layer of redundancy in the event that the web connection goes down. Integration with VoIP even extends to CRM to enhance forecasts for sales. When in doubt, lean on an IT consulting team in Los Angeles for assistance with integration challenges.

A Flood of Calls to Your Personal Phone

If you are receiving a flurry of calls on your own phone during the day and night, work has intruded on your personal life. You should not be answering calls in the evening after work when attempting to relax with your loved ones. Upgrade your business phone, and you will find it is much easier to obtain a work-life balance as your personal phone will not serve as your business phone. Contemporary business phone systems can redirect calls to other phone lines up to a certain time in the day or night. This way, you can put a stop to those early morning and evening calls.

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