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When you’re managing IT, sometimes you’ll get broadsided by surprise issues; working with IT consulting professionals in Los Angeles can help you avoid them. Many tech problems are collateral issues that either develop from things you didn’t realize were an issue, or percolate at the fringes of operation until you get impacted.

Common Hidden IT Risks

The truth is, there are countless IT risks that remain hidden that may only surface through the impact they initiate. However, there are common issues, and following are four that have the potential to impact almost any business, large or small:

1. Being Found Out of Regulatory Compliance, and Sudden Audits

Data breach notification law stipulates fines that can be hundreds of thousands of dollars. HIPAA has some substantially impacting regulatory compliance requirements and associated fines. Also, if you’ve got some cybercriminal leeching off your network, you could be suddenly subject to audit. MSPs help you avoid being impacted by such issues through monitored functionality and compliance facilitation.

2. Unnecessary Redundancies in Networks or on the Cloud

IT consulting experts in Los Angeles can help you identify where redundancies, in terms of data backup, are worthwhile and where they’re bogging down your network; as in the case of antiquated software. Cloud computing may also feature some redundancies for which you incidentally overpay. These things bog down functionality and cost you.

3. Shadow IT and Associated Complications

Shadow IT is when there are tech applications on your network that aren’t approved. Sometimes, employees may download a game from the web, and it may have a hidden Trojan virus. MSPs can evaluate operations to help you identify and eliminate shadow IT, as well as associated complications from this tech.

4. Productivity Losses from Varying Causes

Bogged down systems slow productivity and frustrate employees. Productivity losses are hidden IT impediments you can overcome through network updates, monitoring, support, and forward management.

Consultation and evaluation of operations help maximize productivity potentiality by giving employees the tools they need to succeed. Additionally, MSPs assist in upgrades that can help facilitate productivity.

Managing Common Hidden Tech Risks

Advanced Networks can help you retain compliance, be spotless should sudden audits develop, facilitate effective redundancies internally, cut out ineffective ones, maximize cloud utility, eliminate shadow IT, and maximize productivity. Additionally, there are many other hidden IT issues we can help you with. If you’d like to learn more, contact our IT consulting team in Los Angeles.

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