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Firms specializing in IT consulting in Los Angeles commonly suggest new means of protection for clients— and for good reason: new digital threats develop as fast as new technology innovations do. Remember, people are subject to the human condition and its humans who make new tech breakthroughs. Accordingly, some use their knowledge to help mankind, others use it to lie, cheat, and steal. Black market IT, or “cybercrime,” is a market that rivals the public, “white hat” IT.

What is Email Sandboxing?

Emails represent one of the prime means by which cybercriminal elements infiltrate a business. Ransomware, spyware, adware, and other viruses commonly infiltrate through “phishing” scams which deign to represent the internal employees of a company but are really messages sent from impostors that may not even be located in the same country. This kind of cybercrime affects even the highest echelons of government. But there’s a way around email infiltration right now, and that’s sandboxing.

Essentially, all emails go through a filter acting as a sort of substitute environment. The email is “detonated” in this safe environment. If there is a virus, the email never reaches the inbox of your company. If there’s not a virus, then there’s no problem. This can save you tens of thousands of dollars— even hundreds of thousands.

However, running email sandboxing options internally won’t work for you perpetually for this reason: because technology is in continuous development, it is very feasible some clever hacker will find a way to “trick” the sandbox eventually, and then you’re back to square one.

Establishing a Comprehensive Suite of Technology Security

Experts in IT consulting in Los Angeles advise acquiring IT support through vetted IT companies that understand existing threats, potential future threats, and the best means of securing operations at the time of sign-up. These goalposts will always shift, and if you’re running security internally— unless there’s available budget to create and maintain an IT department that acts as a competitive contender to local MSPs— you’re going to fall behind. Remember, technology develops on itself exponentially–approximate intervals run in about 18-month cycles. For fullest protection, you’re looking at a continuously rolling multi-faceted protection strategy. Common protective measures include:

  • Email sandboxing
  • Appropriate updated firewalls
  • Antivirus options patched regularly
  • Continuous monitoring and support
  • Remote monitoring and management capability as appropriate

Sourcing Effective IT Security

IT consulting in Los Angeles through Advanced Networks can help you determine what specific threats may impact your operation, additionally helping you apply appropriate security measures such as firewalls, antivirus options, monitoring remotely, monitoring on-site, and email sandboxing. Contact us for more information on methods utilizing the latest techniques in IT security.

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