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There is a common misconception that large businesses are immune to IT security lapses and online attacks as they have the money necessary for strong cyber defenses. However, large enterprises face myriad IT security risks, many of which have the potential to prove quite costly. In fact, some such businesses have unique challenges that comparably small businesses do not have to worry about. Our IT support team in LA is here to help your business mitigate these risks and continue operating like a well-oiled machine.

A Minor Mistake Can Lead to Numerous Harsh Consequences

As businesses grow in size, the amount of information about partners, clients, and service providers greatly increases. This means if a data breach occurs, plenty of parties can be compromised. In comparison, if a small business suffers a breach, comparably few records will be compromised. This exposure opens up the enterprise to legal action from multiple parties, increasing its aggregate costs all the more. Even if the affected companies do not take legal action, they are likely to retract their business, ultimately reducing bottom line.

Even More Points of Failure

Large businesses are more likely to prove vulnerable and likely to suffer security breaches simply because they have that many more potential points of failure than small businesses. Each company the enterprise does business with has some of clients’ and partners’ sensitive data on file, creating more vulnerabilities for hacks and the misuse of such important information. Our IT support team in LA can help you automate your digital defenses as best as possible, pinpoint possible security breaches, and keep your information well-protected.

The Spotlight Shines Bright on Large Enterprises

In some ways, it pays to be obscure. Hackers are less likely to target lesser-known businesses. Large businesses are subjected to that many more attacks simply because the spotlight is directly on them. If everyone knows your company’s name, you will be in the cross-hairs of evildoers on and off the web. Alternatively, if your company were small and obscure, it would be that much less likely to be targeted simply because it is unknown. This is precisely why large companies should not hesitate to spend for IT security services.

Advanced Networks is on Your Side

The moral of the story is large businesses are not devoid of risk simply because they have more resources for IT. Our IT support team in LA is here to lend assistance for all of your tech challenges. Feel free to get in touch with us to find out more about our services.

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